Forward by Master Om Ratchawej

The value of a particular artwork depends on the acceptance of those appreciating its aesthetics. Like all other things according to Buddhist philosophy, such value is impermanent from the state of rising, to sustaining, and finally to cessation. Technological advancements have been playing their parts in our lives. The world of art is no exception. The artworks derived from Gomesh’s doctoral thesis is a proof of new value in Buddhist art. His works lead the audience to new levels of art experience while telling the story of Lord Buddha. Gomesh has reconnected the audience and Buddhism through new media art interactions like never before seen. Audience interactions within his artworks allow a greater understanding of the content through equally impressive presentations. From this moment onward, visual perception will merely be one element in art appreciation. The works in this series not only transport the audience into the artworks themselves but also permit the audience to creatively participate in art creation.

I sincerely hope that this significant development in Buddhist art can be extended to other fields in the same way that Gomesh has done for the art world. People may be able to access and learn vast body knowledge in the same way Gomesh has developed in this series of works in the not-too-distant future. Personally, I was ecstatic and moved by the works. I can only imagine what it would be like to witness the entire story of Buddha’s life in virtual reality, from birth to nirvana.

I wish Gomesh good health and a strong heart in order for him to create this work for the public. The value of this work to Buddhists and peace activists alike is immeasurable. I wish you luck in achieving your goal.

Om Ratchawej